How it All Started

CRYSTAL ENERGY | vintage vases + Pots | ECO-FRIENDLY


Meet Crysta

Growing up I never thought I had a green thumb--later I realized it was totally just because I'd abandon the sh*t out of my plants...whoops, sorry guys.

Then one day, my interest for plants was peaked by a girlfriend who just loved them. Her passion for them was so powerful that it was contagious and she helped me get started with my first plant babies.

She taught me about plants that could live in water and the intimidation started to melt away--I mean seriously, I was like 'all I'd have to do is keep it full of water? Sign me up!'

That process began and slowly I started finding out about more plants that could live in water and then air plants! I mean--those things don't need soil OR water?! Could it be real?

I was blessed to have my little garden grow through gifts from friends + family and I'd really enjoy finding baskets, pots, + vases to display them in as cute decor for the house.

That's when the idea for 'Grow, Babe.' began--as the ideas flowed it blossomed into a way for me to empower my fellow girls, share crystal energy, and create cute plant babies...What more could I ask for?!

So excited for all of you to enjoy your new plant babies and I hope they bring you as much good energy and joy as it brought me when I was putting em together. :) 

All my love babes,

xox Crysta